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The Art of Recovery

“The anxiety curve is something I have only recently understood and painting or drawing is probably the best thing to do when it is running its course.”

First step… trust

“When you do time, you can’t get it back… it made me learn not to come back,” says 24-year-old Aaron who had to learn the hard way when his drug-related lifestyle landed him in prison and having to deal with mental health issues.

There’s no place like home

Forty-year-old Ricardo feels that his life has taken a change for the better since he moved into his new home in Herne Hill.

Val’s Story

“Everyone has at occasional times bursts of sanity.” A wry comment from Val who has suffered from depression for years but knows that the ways out might start with Timebank or your GP…

Audrine’s Story

Audrine talks about doing a Voluntary Training Course that led to a volunteering into employment contract

John’s story

John has been working with the Community Options Team at Thames Reach and things are on the up!