Breakfast Meetings

What are they?

What are they?

Since the Collaborative was established in 2010, the group has been meeting over breakfast to discuss current services and initiatives, share learning and good practice and help find solutions to some of the problems faced within the mental health system in Lambeth.

Before the Covid pandemic, the meetings held on the second Thursday of the month were informal with breakfast whetting the appetite and aiming to promote honest, open conversations among a diverse range of people and organisations.

The meetings were usually held at Abbevilles Restaurant, a social enterprise run by First Step Trust, or Mosaic Clubhouse but such is the group’s diversity we have also taken safaris to Loughborough Farm, Moorlands Nature Garden Allotment and the Coffee Lovers Cafe.

Since the Covid pandemic the Collaborative has been meeting fortnightly over zoom with a live meeting in the outdoors at Loughborough Farm and at Mosaic Clubhouse more recently. Discussions are taking place to decide how to move forward

The meetings are facilitated by David Monk, who is our independent chair. We feel this is important to ensure that the conversations are balanced and everyone at the table has an equal voice. We also have a number of principles which set out our expectations for those participating in breakfast and other collaborative forums:

1) We treat everyone with respect.

2) We turn our mobile phones off or to vibrate (if you must take urgent calls – take your conversation outside).

3) We talk one at a time and do not interrupt.

4) We limit side conversations.

5) We listen when others speak.

6) We will stay on the topic being discussed. When a topic or agenda item has been discussed fully, we will not bring the same subject back up.

7) We do not make threats or rude comments.

8) We will address any concerns we have about the meeting with the Chair.

9) We are respectful of other people’s ideas or situations when they talk.

10) We make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak.