Our Vision & Big Three Outcomes

The Collaborative’s vision statement remains as relevant now as it was at the start and it continues to guide us in our work. It is that:

‘Every citizen whatever their abilities, or disabilities, can flourish, contribute to society and lead the life they want to lead’

We also developed our ‘Big 3 Outcomes’, in order to better describe what good looks like for people with mental health issues in Lambeth. These have also stood the test of time and remain the core building blocks for how we measure and determine ‘success’. Our Big 3 Outcomes address the whole (holistic) needs and ambitions of people in relation to better mental and physical health but also the wider factors (determinants) which impact on people’s ability to lead a good life such as housing, work and relationships. The Big 3 Outcomes are for people with mental health issues to:

  • Recover and stay well, experiencing improved
    • Quality of life
    • Physical and mental health
  • Make their own choices and achieve personal goals, experiencing increased;
    • Self-determination and autonomy
  • Participate on an equal footing in daily life, specifically
    • To ‘connect’ with others e.g. family, friends & neighbours
    • To ‘give’ in the community e.g. community activities, volunteering, peer support
    • To ‘be included’, especially in relation to education, employment, adequate income and stable housing
    • To ‘participate’ on an equal footing with others with reduced stigma and discrimination e.g. access to mainstream services, housing, education and employment