Curate your own exhibition

SHARP gallery was founded in a social inclusion project in Brixton.  During Covid it has been run online, presenting group and solo shows.  The list of shows can be viewed here

We are opening up an opportunity for a member of the community to curate an exhibition on a subject of their choosing:

Cultural venues reflect the world, challenge it and develop it.    The process of curating an exhibition starts with researching a concept or topic.  But the learning doesn’t stop there.  As the curator considers the subject being explored and works through ways to present it and the audience they are presenting to, they develop a greater understanding of their ideas and their community.  Most importantly, an awareness of the place the topic takes in society. 

Next, SHARP gallery are inviting anyone and everyone to curate their own exhibition. 

Would you like to curate your own exhibition?


Do you have knowledge of a subject?

Do you have stories the museums are not currently telling? 

Are you a creative with lots to tell about your work? Would you like an exhibition around the story behind music you have created or about you and why you create? 

CONTACT if you are interested!

We are looking for member of the community who would benefit from this opportunity.  If this project is of interest to your organisation in any way, or you have questions, please let me know. 

Anna-Maria Amato

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