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November 25 

The findings of a peer research project – part of a Fulfilling Lives Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) programme – into the experiences of multiple disadvantage highlights  the ‘non-linear ‘journeys’ that people make towards recovery, which may contain successes, setbacks, and plateaus along the way…’ Moreover, ‘the complexity of peoples lives, and the journey taken are often misunderstood by the system. Participants described needing to ‘hit rock bottom’, ‘tick a box’, ‘passed from pillar to post’, ‘jump through hoops’, ‘give up hope’ and ‘look like someone who needed help’ to receive the support they needed.’

The research also reveals how things can change – participants described how feeling listened to, having access to drop in spaces and having the opportunity to build meaningful relationships were key…  They also highlighted the value of ‘lived experience’ and peer support and how increasingly services, and the people working in them, are developing an understanding of trauma and its impact.

The Fulfilling Lives LSL’ research and evaluation is in partnership with Groundswell, the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR).

The report findings and podcasts were shared at a successful Zoom event that  celebrated the achievements of experts by experience involved in the project, and explored areas for change as the project moves into the next phase.

In a blog Winston Allamby, Community Engagement & Mentor writes that while an “avid proponent of co-production…  We must be vigilant that co-production does not become locked away in documents or policies and that it is kept free to be used as an instrument for change.

“Enabling people with direct experience to offer their point of view through peer research creates a new inclusivity, giving everyone a seat at the table to contribute. It is a step in the right direction but must never be at the expense of those who gather the grain as we sit to break bread.

“Peer research runs in the life blood that will keep the organism called coproduction alive and growing and producing healthy changes in services and systems. It is essential for collecting information about the impact that systems have on people, not for but with those who have been marginalised.”

Read blog here: https://fulfillingliveslsl.london/embedding-coproduction-in-research-why-peer-research-is-important/

Read report here

Informed Approaches event – Thursday November 25

On Thursday 25 November Fulfilling Lives LSL will be hosting Informed Approaches: becoming trauma, gender and culturally informed – its Champions project, which supports individuals to become role models and help embed a culture of change within their own teams and organisations. All welcome.

Sign up for this and future events at: https://fulfillingliveslsl.london/events/

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