Carers Rights Day Thursday 25 November

Thursday 25 November is Carers Rights Day and some 8,500 current and former carers have shared their experiences and helped to inform the State of Caring 2021 report, the UK’s most comprehensive research into the lives and experiences of carers The statistics make for sombre reading:

• One in five unpaid carers are worried they may not cope financially over the next 12 months

• One in four carers (23%) may not have enough money to cover their monthly expenses

• Carers spend an estimated £1,370 a year on average on services or equipment for the person they care for

• Over half of carers (52%) feel anxious or stressed about their finances

Read more in the full report here.

From Lambeth frontline

Carers’ Hub Lambeth and South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) are looking forward to marking Carers Rights Day with a range of events and activities throughout the day.

Says Polly Howes, the Hub’s Carers Strategy Development Manager: “We believe it is vital that carers have access to information about their rights and available support. We often get asked about money, benefits and carers’ assessments so will be hosting workshops, for carers registered with our service, on these essential topics.

“We are also keen to help raise awareness of unpaid caring in the borough and will be hosting an interactive Carers Awareness training session at 12 – 1.30 pm via Zoom. This is open to local professionals and volunteers working in Lambeth. We would be delighted if you could join us there.

Full details and bookings can be found here.

Carers Rights Day will end with an evening Social for adult carers and a Young Carers Meet up. “It will be a real highlight to get together with fellow carers, to take some time out from caring and have some fun.”

Update from the team

James Holdcroft, who previously worked as our Mental Health Service Coordinator, has taken up a new role as the Lambeth Carers Card Project Officer, and to introduce you to Karen Ibrahim our new Mental Health Carers Service Coordinator who runs our monthly Mental Health Carers Peer Support Group. We are delighted James and Karen have taken on these new roles.

South London and Maudsley involvement register carers’ opportunities – 26 November online

As well as supporting Carers Hub Lambeth with its Carers Rights Day training for professionals, Lee Roach, Carers Lead for South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust in Lambeth (SLaM), will join Alice Glover Involvement Lead offering family, friends and carers of people receiving a service from SLaM an opportunity to explore how they can become engaged with the organisation. SLaM’s involvement register offers opportunities to interview potential applicants for jobs in the trust, advise on changes and developments and train staff and others on working with carers more effectively.

The microsoft teams meeting will take place 26 November at 3pm. Please email for an invitation.

Read all about it

Meanwhile, click here to read about Matthew Mckenzie’s second book, Experiencing mental health caregiving – UNPAID CARERS on his wonderful A Caring Mind site. It goes into detail about the amazing work he does with SLaM and other organisations.

More info

Carers’ Hub Lambeth: or contact the team on or 020 7501 8970.

Carers’ rights:


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