The Collaborative Borough Wide event 15 December


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The Collaborative will be holding a borough wide event on 15 December 2015 from 10-5pm. The event is open to anyone who is interested in Mental Health Services within Lambeth, whether you are someone who uses services, a carer, citizen of Lambeth, front line staff, voluntary and community sector or a commissioner. 


The event will provide an update on the Collaborative workstreams (Living Well Network, Integrated Personalised Support Alliance, SLaM Adult Mental Health redesign).

There will also be development workshops taking place on how we grow the Living Well Network through the following areas: 

1.    Changing Cultures/Working differently - looking at new ways of working together
2.    Employment - how do we increase employment and vocational opportunities
3.    Crisis out of Hours – what do we do next to further develop options of crisis
4.    Housing – how do we support people to stay in their homes
5.    Information including digital – how do we improve access to information and advice, including digital
6.    Early Intervention in Psychosis – how do we improve access to early intervention in psychosis

To register your preference of workshop choice please click here.

Mental Health awareness training 'taster session' 

From 8.30 - 9.45am there will be a mental health awareness training 'taster session' taking place in the Australia Room before the event starts. If you are interested in coming along to this please email Natalie Sutherland on

To view the agenda for the day, please click here

Look forward to seeing you on the day! 

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