Happy New Year 2016 – Collaborative resolutions

We asked Collaborative members two questions to celebrate 2015 and bring in 2016.

Name one achievement of 2015 that your organisation is most proud of in relation to collaborative working.

Please share your 2016 collaborative new year’s resolution. This is what people said.

Jessica Agudelo, Projects Development Manager, Certitude

2015: We extended Solidarity in a Crisis to two new boroughs and as a result the hours of provision were extended, and 6 new peer supporters were recruited to support the crisis line and the new A&E programme. In addition, our community connecting teams and the peer support network have been proactive in connecting people with the wider community and recruiting more people with lived experience to support the delivery of these.

2016: I am looking forward to continuing working partnerships with the Living Well Network and fully integrating Solidarity in a Crisis with the 24 hour SLaM support line, other crises services and the voluntary sector. We are rebranding the Peer Support Network to Connect & Do Social Space so we hope to engage and involve more people we support in a range of activities and social events.

Mark Bertram, Manager, Vocational Services, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM)

2015: Our learning about what works – grounded in people’s insight

2016: To continue to learn and be passionate

Fran Bristow, Programme Director (Adult Mental Health Development Programme), SLaM

2015: Working more closely with the wider collaborative including the borough wide hub development and developing the rehab alliance

2016: To ensure the development of the Early Intervention services link with the wider collaborative and make the most of the Living Well Network.

Aisling Duffy, Chief Executive Officer, Certitude

2015: Really pleased that the Alliance is operational with a stronger integrated community offer and fewer people being admitted to inpatient and residential care than previously.

2016: Look forward to continuing the collaborative journey, bringing in more partners as we collectively enable more people to get the support they need at home and in their local community.

Sue Field, Director Provider Alliance Group (PAG)

2015: The success of the Alliance

2016: To continue to learn from all our work in 2016 and involve more people in this process.

Adrian McLachlan, Chair, Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

2015: Sadly, shortlisted again, but not the winner in the Health Service Journal awards, this year for Innovation in Mental Health – our collaborative work and the work of the Lambeth Collaborative featured large. We also had a good bit of media attention.

2016: I’d still like to see good level national recognition of what we’re doing, and most importantly, how we’re doing it.

David Monk, Chair, The Lambeth Living Well Collaborative

2015: Was pleased by our growing connections and our work to reduce crisis

2016: Really excited by what we might learn from Open Dialogue and hope that we become a new research site for the Open Dialogue model

Maresa Ness, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic Clubhouse( hosts of Living Well Partnership)

2015: This has been a really positive year at the Living Well Partnership, hosted by Mosaic Clubhouse. We have really loved meeting so many different people and organisations at the monthly open events of the Living Well Network; it is impressive to see the network in action. We are really excited to have been given the opportunity to establish an Evening Sanctuary with our partners in the network. This was an initiative that has been discussed and planned with service users and carers for a very long time, so to be able to finally set it up and offer an alternative for people seeking support out of hours is an honour.

2016: We really hope that 2016 will bring an extension to five nights a week at the Evening Sanctuary, a valuable resource.

Bill Tidnam, Director of Housing and Community Support, Thames Reach

2015: I think that the establishment of the Living Well Network Hub in Streatham, and the development of the IPSA (Integrated Personalised Support Alliance) are both great examples of how the ambition of the Collaborative to do things differently and better are being put into practice, and beginning to make a real difference to people’s lives.

2016: For the New Year, I’d like to see us doing more of this, and thinking about how we can make sure that people who use or have used services can participate in delivery.

Emma Willing, Programme Manager, Programme Alliance Group

2015: This year we have opened the Living Well Network Hub across the whole borough and our service is supporting more people in Lambeth, we are also able to support people who introduce themselves.

2016: To continue to support people in a way that they want support and ensure that people who use the Living Well Network are continuously involved in developing it.

Ronnie Wilson,Chief Executive Officer, First Step Trust

2015: Good to see progress and the creation of employment opportunities for people with lived experience in a number of existing and new services. Looks like we’ve got more or less everything in place to provide a range of in and out of hours support.

2016: Looking forward to seeing and expansion in the range and scope of sustainable employment opportunities in the wider community.

Karen Hooper

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