GREY MAN film streaming free until December 17 

There is still a chance to view GREY MAN, a haunting 30-minute film, which was co-funded by the Living Well Network Alliance and explores mental illness in a ‘novel, engaging yet intentionally ambiguous way’, hoping to engage young people. 

 The film has been produced by Liminal Stage Productions with Artistic Director Robyn Winfield-Smith at the helm.  Alliance members have worked with the company to share the film and associated mindfulness workshop with partners, including  Mosaic Clubhouse and a number of Lambeth secondary schools. 

Robyn highlights how “people seem struck by the way the actors’ performances hold the viewer’s attention, the use of sound and music to support the storytelling, the way the piece succeeds in putting the intimacy of a one-person stage show on screen, and the thought-provoking ambiguity of the piece as a whole”. 

As to how it will continue and be received by commissioners and young people, Robyn points  to the short extracts available on the Liminal Stage Productions YouTube channel, and she is developing a ‘chaptered’ version of the film that will “bring together a spoken intro, 4 extracts, a spoken outro, and the mindfulness workshop into one film available on the Liminal website”.

The film streams free until December 17 and the link below takes viewers to the film, the audio-described version, the support statement, the learning pack and the mindfulness workshop, all in one place:

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