Jamille gets a job at Resonance Fm

I started at Mosaic Clubhouse in 2018, I was referred from the mental health team in Brixton. I was a bit nervous; it was like a first day at school but I settled in well and made loads of friends. I started helping out in E&E (education & employment) unit with ‘in the mo’ magazine, putting in articles and helping with the contents and researching jobs for the jobs’ bulletin. I also helped at meetings… reading out the agenda.

I started Pixel fm – my online radio station in lockdown March 2020, and got music requests from Mosaic members. I also did a Mosaic music magic podcast with another member reviewing albums and music news. I enjoy radio and listen to it a lot in the daytime. I have been doing radio shows since I was 14, I record the shows in my bedroom, but got more involved in 2011 when I went camping and they had a radio station on site. I did a few shows in that week and loved it. After camp my friend found a podcast website and I created a show for online. The website is https://www.spreaker.com/ – you pay monthly for a package of minutes you want to do.

I felt happy when I got a job as broadcast assistant for Resonance Fm ( https://m.mixcloud.com/Resonance/) in October 2020. It’s on a show called Smashing Records. I book guests into the schedule and record the show on Mondays on zoom and the show goes out on Thursdays 4pm.

Mosaic has helped me through my struggles and made me a confident person. Thank you Mosaic.

Jamille Malcolm

Dawite Mosisa, Young Adults Engagement Worker at Mosaic was recently a guest on the Resonance show and says “Jamille and his co-hosts done a brilliant job interviewing us. It was me and one other young adult that turned up and this episode will come out in May.”

Tune in to Pixel Fm – https://www.spreaker.com/show/pixel-fm

Pixel fm is looking for guest djs for a show. Email me your show and description and time you would like it to be broadcast on Mp4 file or audio file on: jktmalcolm23@outlook.com

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