We did it, against the odds…

Annual reports and reviews from Mosaic Clubhouse, Thames Reach and Certitude reveal how the organisations’ resilience has been tested during the pandemic, but also demonstrate how the frontline has adapted and innovated to provide a rapid response.

The video above shows Mosaic doing what it does best, going the extra mile to support members. Moving testimonies capture those individual journeys, while the Annual Report provides an insight into Clubhouse life over the past year.

Meanwhile, Thames Reach’s Chief Executive Bill Tidnam says the organisation has done much to tackle street homelessness, despite the difficulties of the past few months. ‘I’m proud to say that we’ve managed to keep providing excellent services and we have continued to work hard to prevent rough sleeping; to intervene to help people who are on the streets; and to support them to rebuild their lives.’

Click here to read Thames Reach’s Annual Review, which includes powerful accounts of lives transformed.

The stories in Certitude’s Annual Review show an organisation that prides itself on being ‘loving, brave and unconventional’ , which has had ‘an incredible year despite unprecedented challenges,’ says CEO Aisling Duffy.

The virtual sessions delivered by the Connect & Do Programme saw some 100 attendees each week, with all reporting subsequent improvements in their wellbeing. Their success has seen the team of peer facilitators who delivered the sessions win the much-coveted Certitude Michael Rosen Award.

Read the Certitude Annual Review here.

Certitude and Thames Reach are the two voluntary sector organisations that form part of the Living Well Network Alliance collaboration. Find out how these and other organisations are working together in the community in the Alliance’s Progress Report here.

Karen Hooper

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