Lambeth Living Well Collaborative Breakfast, Thursday 13 February 2020

Recap of last meeting

At the last meeting we discussed Primary Care Networks. Since we met, there have been some policy changes so we need to keep an eye on this agenda. At the meeting we talked about anticipatory care which no longer exists, yet staff groups will be extended and expanded.

Lambeth Hospital redevelopment

Neil provided an update on the Lambeth Hospital redevelopment highlighting that:

Lambeth Hospital site is not currently fit for purpose and need to improve the quality and safety and are committed to support people in Lambeth who experience mental illness or distress.

There were two options available, which was to do nothing, or redevelop with a purpose built unit at the South London & Maudsley site. This would mean knocking down Douglas Bennett House, which has been condemned. Planning permission was granted in November 2019 to build 72 acute beds and four 18- bed wards.

It was not possible to knock down and rebuild Lambeth Hospital as unable to operate in-patient capacity during the two year build. SLaM is using its assets for the build and will need to dispose in part to fund it. This also links to SLaM estates strategy; which will mean there is not enough money to do any further development if that was to happen.

The benefit of this is to improve quality and safety, increased dignity and respect, reduced transport time (as King’s is across the road). There will be shared therapy and group recovery space and improved outcomes, and increased accessibility for many are expected.

Have presented these proposed changes to the clinical senate; which is where clinical experts scrutinised the proposal and asked about the assumption on the impact of transport, and how we would know it would be a better experience and improving outcomes.

We were required to undertake a transport Impact Assessment. The outcome was that there would be no impact on 85-90% of people. Although it was noted that people in west Clapham would have to travel further. The Maudsley is also more accessible by bus than Lambeth Hospital, and most people are likely to use a bus to get there.

A pre-consultation business case (PCBC) has been put together and the next stage is to prepare a full business case. The public consultation will begin in March 2020. The full business case will be ready in the autumn, and will need to go back to the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Lambeth and Southwark) and be in contact with NHS England / NHS Improvement as they are Foundation Trust regulators.

The future of the Lambeth Hospital site will be explored in a separate consultation.

There will be some events, road shows and drop ins that will take place and will include models on the architecture of the buildings.

There was a question around green space and the environment; it was noted that the Maudsley has more green space, with Ruskin Park across the road. The building will also have balconies.

It was noted that other services in Lambeth Hospital will go elsewhere; Bridge House for forensic clients will be decanted and moved elsewhere, this was always a temporary space. Ward in the Community (WiC) will go the Bethlem, as this is a 4 borough service. Community Forensics will go to Lambeth estates.

For more information about the consultation and to share your views: · Visit:

· Complete an online survey or a hard copy survey is available on the website. · Email:

· Call for free on: 0800 307 7650


Lambeth Collaborative – 10 years on event

We are planning to have an event (originally June) to celebrate 10 years of the Collaborative and looking to the future for 2030.

The objectives of the day are to acknowledge and reflect on the legacy of the Collaborative and related Collaborative initiatives; reflect positively on the current challenges and opportunities and provide a high level roadmap for 2030.

Natalie will be in touch with relevant people to help plan and organise the day.

Single Point of Access (SPA)

Neil provided an update on the SPA highlighting:

Sabrina Phillips is the Interim Programme Director for the Alliance.

There is currently a backlog of referrals and looking to increase staff members to deal with the demand. One team will work on the backlog and one for new referrals.

It was noted that the system that was set up was ‘secondary-ising’ the service. The SPA is the platform to get the right help, and it is for everybody, no matter what the severity of their condition. The Bradford model had been studied and although we are slightly different, we reflected and agreed that we need to simplify. We also underestimated the amount of staff that would be needed.

We are working with AgeUK around signpost social prescribing and looking to have a 1 year prototype to have social prescribing as an offer for the SPA.

Staying Well Service

The staying well service will meet a gap in the provision between Primary and Secondary Care, including social prescribing and community networks.

Workshops are taking place to work this through; one held on 21 February and with plans to talk with GPs on 10 March.

The plan is to have something up and running around June 2020.

It was noted that Herne Hill Primary Care network are looking to test and learn as part of the Neighbourhood Alliance work; however there was no mental health as part of those discussions. Neil to speak to Liz Clegg about ensuring someone from mental health is included.

Brief Updates

Crisis Sanctuary

January was busier than December, with Tuesday and Thursday being the busiest nights of the week, and Wednesday being the quietest.

The Sanctuary was open for Christmas dinner and was a really nice day.

SLaM Service User and Carer Advisory Group (SUCAG)

Alice noted that most people are involved in a lot of the things that have been spoken about. The group meets at the end of the month . Click HERE for Feb notes.

Alice said they are always looking for new members for people who use SLaM services and can get paid for their time. It was suggested about approaching Status and Employment services who want to increase their employment portfolio.

Peer Support

Certitude is currently recruiting Peer Supporters.

There is a piece of work with Black Thrive partnership around culturally appropriate Peer Support/advocacy.

The next Collaborative meeting will focus on Peer Support.

Crisis Service event

Discussion about crisis focussed event on 20 March, which was later put on hold because of COVID – 19 crisis. Looking at agreeing measures that will enable us to know whether our crisis offers are working.

Also want to look at how we can improve the information offer for people who are not connected to mental health services.

Black Men; Mental Health and Suicide

It was noted that there was a performance in Brixton library with black men around mental health and suicide, which was highly acclaimed by those who were at the performance.

Social Justice Arts practitioner Tony Cealy has been working with middle aged black men with experience of suicide and depression. The short thought-provoking performance looked at the causes that lie behind this deeply important issue.

Produced over the previous few weeks, it was some of the mens’ first experience of performing. The performance aimed to be a creative catalyst for an interactive debate and panel discussion.

The aim of the event was to ask ‘what we can do differently to challenge black mens experience within mental health’ and ‘what systems and policies need to change to help our fellow citizens’?

They performed again in Streatham the following Saturday.

At the time of writing the group was meeting on a Monday night at 6pm at Mosaic Clubhouse and people were welcome to join to be part of the next presentation.

Faiths Together in Lambeth

Has just celebrated 10 years!

They are putting on Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) for adults and moving to focus on young people. Phil offered free spaces at the meeting.

Next meeting Thursday 12 March, Abbevilles

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