Artist Remix Jars

It has been said that the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
There are a multitude of ways to teach.  Some ways are to tell stories, share art and have conversations.
The co-operative art school is a research project on co-operative education, alternative art education, radical pedagogy, self-organisation, networks and other dimensions of a co-operative learning environment.  
An event at Conway Hall, taking place in March will see alternative art schools open communication channels, exchange resources and organise gatherings.
SHARP gallery will have a stall displaying and selling artists’ jars.  Each will be filled with narrative cards, miniature artworks and other objects and texts to teach through sharing stories and knowledge. 
Are you an artist, or someone with a story?  Would you like to fill a jar with your knowledge or narrative?  If you are interested, SHARP gallery will guide you through generating your ideas and bringing them into fruition.  If you would like to develop an artist jar with us, express your interest by sending an email to

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