Happy New Year 2020

We asked Collaborative and Living Well Network Alliance members and those who work alongside them what were their highlights of 2019 and/or their resolutions for 2020.

Sarah Corlett, Chair Healthwatch Lambeth

My resolution for 2020, amongst others, is to persevere with my retirement project of learning to play the trombone!

Garry Ellison, SLaM Recovery College

I hope Peer Support practices become more recognised as meaningful and skilful endeavours, especially among healthcare professionals within and outside of the mental health sector.
It would be great to see more organizational change around the personal development of Peer Support Workers; where workers might be supported with accredited training around all elements of the role – and that these qualifications might open doors to other career opportunities.
I hope that we learn ways to uphold and support Peer Support Workers in an equal way to how other workers in the mental health sector are supported in their work. Finally, I hope we all have an enlightening 2020.

James Holdcroft, Service Coordinator, Mental Health Carers, Carers Hub Lambeth

After an eventful 2019, I now have time to settle into London life. My resolution for 2020 is to explore London and the surrounding towns.

Polly Howes, Carers Strategy Development Manager, Carers Hub Lambeth

I’ve picked a personal resolution for 2020. To do my bit to support suicide prevention, including raising awareness with friends and family of training available to help us feel more able to talk about suicide. 

David Monk, Chair, Lambeth Living Well Collaborative

I’d like to make 2020 the year we focus on families, connections and outcomes – in particular I’d like to bring Open Dialogue back into our thinking.

Neil Robertson, Director, Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance

Highlights 2019 – The launch of the Lambeth Living Well Centres, which came into being across September and November and was formally launched on the 5 December 2019. The centres going forward will offer easy access and an on the day crisis response for people who need this. 

Resolution for 2020 – To establish a community designed culturally appropriate peer support, advocacy and outreach service for out African and Caribbean communities.

To develop and establish a responsive community offer that supports people with long term mental health problems in partnership with their GP and voluntary community service because they no longer need secondary mental health care involved in their day to day lives.

Mathieu Smith, Solidarity in a Crisis Manager, Certitude

2019 has seen many changes for Solidarity in a Crisis, the service has expanded and is growing each month. Our peers all look forward to 2020 with the vision that we will expand even further, we will continue to deliver top rated and award winning crisis and peer support and hopefully defend our National Positive Practice Mental Health Award.

Bill Tidnam, Chief Executive, Thames Reach

2019:  Despite a difficult year we’ve seen real progress with the way services work with the introduction of the Living Well Centres, and I’m encouraged to see us moving from challenging the system from the outside to transforming it from within. 

2020:  A new decade and we need to get to a place where the experience of people using services is different and better, and where people get the help that they need sooner.

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