Surviving or Thriving, Mental Health Awareness Week

Surviving or Thriving was the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (Mental Health Foundation) from 8-12 May.

Certitude shared Letters of Hope from across the organisation asking people, ‘If you had the chance to go back and tell yourself something when you were struggling with your mental health, what would you say?’

Reflecting movingly on a time when he struggled Charlie writes: ‘I know you feel you have to be strong for your family but believe me, deep down you know they will want you to take care of yourself and be there for you. Never feel like you need to go through all this by yourself, speak up, someone will always be there to listen. I wish I could tell you what you need to do to change the way you are feeling but I know you are stubborn and know you wouldn’t listen. The fact is you are desperately in need to talk and stop the chaos that will follow…’

Meanwhile, after capturing her struggles Latoya records, ‘Your life will turn around for the better once you move into the house in Lambeth – a house you will share with 11 other women. You’ll finally feel like this place is right for you. You really like your new home, especially the garden with trees that go way back in time and seem like they are standing there with you through your journey. The move will give you the confidence and support to sort out what you want to do with your life. The staff here will be dignified, sociable, helpful and support you to the fullest – an enormous difference from your experience at the residential home.’
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What is good mental health?
Surviving or Thriving urges that Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem and explores why too few of us are thriving with good mental health and asks

– how many of us are surviving or thriving
– looks at communities under strain and what you can do to support them to thrive
– what steps can we take to look after our mental health
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