Lambeth Living Well Network Hub goes borough-wide June 29

The Lambeth Living Well Network Hub, which has been operating in the North of Lambeth since November 2013 is going borough-wide from June 29.

Additional funding has enabled this exciting development, which will support Lambeth GPs and residents to engage in their wellbeing and be more active in their local community.

The Hub can meet people who have concerns about their mental health and wellbeing. It will provide an assessment and suggest other services such as peer support, benefits advice or secondary mental health care. The team also has the resources and skills to support people with their goals for up to twelve weeks.

The Living Well Network Hub comprises of staff from a range of professions, including occupational therapists, support workers, social workers, mental health nurses, psychiatrists, people with a lived experience of mental health and agencies that are already working in yourlocal community – including Every Pound Counts, the Job Centre, Certitude, Thames Reach and Mosaic Clubhouse.

The Living Well Network Hub will be open to all residents who have a Lambeth GP from Monday 29th June 2015. If you feel you would benefit from support from the Network please contact us on 020 3691 5080. You will be able to speak to an ‘Introductions Coordinator’ who can support you with any concerns you have about your mental health.

The Living Well Network Hub is based at Streatham Job Centre, 3rd Floor, Crown House, Station Approach SW16 6HW and is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm.

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