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Daniel Campbell, website administrator has been working with Certitude for nine months.

Before joining, Daniel took calls for the London Ambulance Service, working part time as an independent film maker. He says he’s always  had a passion for all things creative but also wanted to continue in a career where “my efforts make a real difference in people’s lives, Connect and Do allows me to make informed choices that will benefit many of the people we support.”

The photograph of his dog Kia was taken for his photography blog. He talks more about blogging below

Certitude’s social networking site ‘Connect and Do’ is continually being updated with new features added to enhance the user experience as well as the usability of the site.  Users can now experience a greater level of creative space with which to share and inspire others, thanks to the implementation of a blog feature. The blog allows people to have their work ‘published’ online and can be about anything from film reviews and personal experiences, to areas of interest such as knitting or gardening!

Others features, such as finding local community events and the ability to network and meet new people based on shared interests, still remain key components of the website.

You can read more about my interest in photography in my blog by clicking here

And visit our Opening Blog by Dan Kelly on Creative writing and the change that can be made through the use of words and freedom of speech by clicking here

If you are interested in Blogging but would like some assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on the email below:

Connect & Do Administrator

Mob: 07710 390 011

Daniel Campbell

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