Co-production: an emerging evidence base for adult social care transformation

An interesting article on Co-production: an emerging evidence base for adult social care transformation from Social Care Institue for Excellence (SCIE).

Key messages

• Co-production emphasises that people are not passive recipients of services and have assets and expertise which can help improve services.

• Co-production is a potentially transformative way of thinking about power, resources, partnerships, risks and outcomes, not an off-the-shelf model of service provision or a single magic solution.

• ‘To act as partners, both usersand providers must be empowered’.5 Co-production means involving citizens in collaborative relationships with more empowered frontline staff who areable and confident to share power and accept user expertise.

• Staff should be trained in the benefits of coproduction, supported in positive risk-taking and encouraged to identify new opportunities for collaboration with people who use services.

• People should be encouraged to access coproductive initiatives, recognising and supporting diversity among the people who use services.

• The creation of new structures, regulatory and commissioning practices and financial streams is necessary to embed co-production as a long-term rather than ad hoc solution.

• Learning from existing international case studies of co-production while recognising the contribution of initiatives reflecting local needs is important.


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