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We asked Collaborative members two questions to celebrate 2014 and bring in 2015.

Name one achievement of 2014 that your organisation is most proud of in relation to collaborative working. 

Please share your 2015 collaborative new year’s resolution.


Mark Bertram, Manager, Vocational Services, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM)

2014: Our learning about what works – grounded in people’s insight

2015: To continue to learn and be passionate


Nicholas Campbell-Watts, Director of Mental Health, Certitude

2014: Certitude is really proud of our work in 2014 with Thames Reach, SlaM, Lambeth and with commissioners to develop a proposal that we believe will positively transform the lives of people using rehabilitation, residential and nursing care services.

 2015: My collaborative resolution is to champion asset based community development as I think it will help the Lambeth Collaborative to really achieve our ambition to take the ‘mental’ out of mental health.


Lucy Canning, Service Director, SLaM

2014: Starting the work of the Adult Mental Health (AMH) redesign in Lambeth

2015: To support teams to link into the wider work of the Collaborative to make the most of the Living Well Network


Aisling Duffy, Chief Executive Officer, Certitude

2014: Taking an Asset Based Approach – great conversations were inspired by the conference we held at the Oval, including Cormac Russell, international innovator on ABCD (Asset Based Community Development).

2015: Commit Certitude’s time and support to continue and develop an asset based approach in everything we do!


Sue Field, Director, Provider Alliance Group (PAG)

2014: Working with the PAG in the success of the Guys and St Thomas Charity bid

2015: Truly developing co-production in primary care and across the Living Well Network


Stacey Hemphill, Manager, North Lambeth Hub

2014: The continued success of the Hub in the North, seeing people and helping them improve their wellbeing

2015: To continue to ensure (in fact, increase) the voice of service users and carers in the work of the Hub and broader network!


Adrian McLachlan, Chair, Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

2014: We were Highly Commended for the Health Service Journal CCG of the Year, and our collaborative work and the work of the Lambeth Collaborative featured large in that.

2015: Winner next time for collaborative working


Raj Mohan, Consultant Psychiatrist, SLaM

2014: Improving the link between inpatient (McKenzie) and the Living Well Network

2015: Seamless work with the Rehabilitation pathway: and to enable a redesign with increased community focus


David Monk, Chair, The Lambeth Collaborative

2014: The focus and importance of peer support, particularly Solidarity in a Crisis and how this is now recognised beyond Lambeth as an excellent initiative

2015: To celebrate and grow connections and reduce crisis


Maresa Ness, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic Clubhouse( hosts of Living Well Partnership)

2014: The amazing success of partnership working and the added value as a result.

Winning the 3rd sector care award for collaboration!!

2015: To embed the monthly open event of the Living Well Network into the community of Lambeth to extend opportunity and choice for people living with mental health conditions.


Patrick Nyikavaranda, Peer Involvement Manager, Certitude

2014: Solidarity in a Crisis as a case study into Commissioning and best practice by NHS England, as a response to the Crisis Concordat

2015: Grow peer support to the stratosphere


Denis O’Rourke, Assistant Director – Integrated Commissioning, Lambeth CCG/Lambeth Council

2014: The Living Well Network taking off

2015: Support the growth of asset based community development within a neighbourhood/locality


Natalie Sutherland, Mental Health Integrated Programme (MHIP) Co-ordinator, Lambeth CCG

2014: Integrated Personalised Support Alliance, collaborative working

2015: For the Integrated Personalised Support Alliance to go live in April 2015


Emma Willing, Programme Manager, PAG

2014: Producing Wellbeing pack

2015: Co-producing the borough-wide Living Well Network Hub


Ronnie Wilson,Chief Executive Officer, First Step Trust

2014: Co-hosting support event at Abbeyvilles around finding new funding sources to secure sustainable (salaries) employment opportunities for people using mental health services to support recovery

2015: Continued commitment of CCG and SLaM and Lambeth Council to opening up procurement opportunities to create jobs


Karen Hooper   

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