Aspiring to 2014

The Provider Alliance Group (PAG) is the operations’ task-force of the Lambeth Collaborative (the Collaborative). Its job is to inject life into the innovative co-design work and reshaping of Lambeth’s mental health map that’s been emerging over the past three years. The Collaborative has brought together service users, carers, commissioners and those from the clinical  and voluntary sectors to do things differently. Below, PAG members  reflect on their aspirations for 2014 –  an alliance pot to finance projects, a roll out of the Living Well Network (early intervention via GPs) and a more flexible route in and out of secondary services. At its heart… opportunities for those with lived experience, taking the mental out of mental health.


Nicholas Campbell-Watts – Director of Mental Health, Certitude: “For there to be a strong offer of realistic options around how people are helped to manage crises”

Lucas Teague – Co-ordinator Missing Link Peer Support, Metropolitan: “More jobs for peer support workers – Paid opportunities”

Denis O’Rourke – Assistant Director, Integrated Commissioning, Mental Health, NHS Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group: “To achieve an Alliance in 2014”

Jeremy Swain – Chief Executive, Thames Reach: “I want to attend a meeting of users of mental health services when they tell me they are getting better services and feel more in control of what they get”

Ronnie Wilson – Chief Executive, First Step Trust:  “More opportunities for young people to engage in work with the community, i.e, apprenticeships”

Sue Field – Programme Director, Provider Alliance Group: “A successful roll out of the Living Well Network to the South of Lambeth”

 Zoë Reed – Executive Director, Strategy and Business Development, South London and Maudsley NHS FT (SLaM): “That we will make coproduction the operating system across the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative”

Bill Tidnam – Director of Housing and Community Support, Thames Reach: “Easy in easy out services that doesn’t take over people’s lives and which feels safe and accessible”

Dr Ray Walsh – GP and Clinical Commissioning Group Board member: “Embed all GP practices into the Living Well Network”

Lucy Canning – Service Director for Psychosis Clinical Academic Group (CAG), SLaM: “Successful roll out of the SLaM redesign in partnership with the Living Well Network Hub”

Anne Donoghue – Head of Social Care Adult Integrated Mental Health Services, Adults’ and Community Services, Lambeth Council: “A fully functioning Alliance”




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