Lambeth Living Well Network Hub latest report


 The Living Well Network Hub has released its first report since it went borough-wide in June 2015. The report highlights how this new ‘front door’ to mental health services has been reshaping the wellbeing landscape.

The Hub has in the period July – December 2015 –

Offered personalised support to 1056 people

Reduced referrals to secondary care by 32 per cent
Reduced Community Mental Health Team caseloads by 25 per cent
Supported 70 people to be discharged from secondary care with the help of a newly developed medication management service and GP+
Started to change the culture and develop different ways of working with Living Well Network staff  and influence and train partners
Key recommendations in the report focus on
Sustaining the Hub and continuing to impact the wider system
Working with GPs in a more systematic way to support people
Increase connections with local communities and networks to encourage more people to introduce themselves to get support quicker
Next steps are to develop a wider alliance incorporating local authority and Clinical Commissioning Group services that put a preventative model of care at its heart.
Click here to read the report
Karen Hooper

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