‘I probably would have perished if I didn’t come here’

Kobi-Wan is finding he is scoring more than his football goals since he became a member of Mosaic Clubhouse several months ago.

At the recent Living Well Network Open event he was snapping photographs for the Clubhouse’s ‘in the mo’ newsletter, which he has been contributing to. He particularly enjoys reporting on football.. ” I just pick a match and report on it. In the past I did voluntary work as a football coach (he qualified via a course with the Football Association).

“I love the goals,” says Kobi-wan, who supports Liverpool and used to be a goalkeeper (he’s ‘in retirement’ now). “I once met Bruce Grobbelaar (former Liverpool player, 1984-1991) at an event at London Weekend Television and I saved a penalty from him; he inspired me.”

Kobi-Wan feels Mosaic has helped him turn a corner since he became unwell some four years ago. “It was recommended by my care co-ordinator. I have been working in the Business & Admin also, it gets you out of the house… I probably would have perished if I didn’t come here… I get to eat and do things.

“You’ve got to look after yourself in this world, that’s how the world is.”
Karen Hooper

Read Kobi-Wan’s report from the match here.

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