Putting Carers on the Map – Carers Week 2024

Carers Week 2024 takes place 10 – 16 June. This year the National Campaign’s theme is ‘Putting Carers on the Map’, highlighting the invaluable contributions of carers across the UK and ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear. 

Meanwhile, new Lambeth Carers Awards (nominations deadline 16 June) and ceremony in July feature as part of the borough’s updated Carers Strategy 2024 – 2029 (see below).

At Carers’ Hub Lambeth, we have several things going on during the week, to increase awareness and to help our carers access more support. 

“We will be visiting different GP surgeries across the borough, so may have a stall somewhere in your neighbourhood,” says Alice Dias, the hub’s CEO. “These visits will help us to reach more carers and talk to professionals about Lambeth’s Carers.

“We are also hosting an Online Young Carer Awareness Training for school staff on  13 June.

“But the most exciting thing is our Carers’ Week event on Friday 14 June from 1- 7.30pm at We Are 336. This will include talks and Q&As from partners, wellbeing activities, and an all-ages evening celebration!”

Sign up for the event at connect@carershub.org.uk or call the team on 0207 501 8970. 

Nominate unpaid carers for Lambeths Carers Awards 2024

Lambeth Council is asking for nominations for its new Carers Awards, to recognise the amazing contributions by carers, professionals and organisations.

You can nominate by clicking here. The categories include:

● Mental Health Carer of the Year

● Learning Disability Carer of the Year

● Dementia Carer of the Year

● Parent Carer of the Year

● 50+ Carer of the Year

● Neurodiversity Carer of the Year

● Physical Disability Carer of the Year

● Long-Term Condition Carer of the Year

● Complex Needs Carer of the Year

● Work & Care Balance Award

● Carers’ GP Practice of the Year

● Carer Friendly Business of the Year

● Adult Social Care Professional of the Year

● Special Recognition Award

● Carer Volunteer of the Year

● Community Organisation of the Year

● Carers Innovation Award

● Children’s Social Care Professional of the Year

● Young Carer of the Year (5-11)

● Young Carer of the Year (12-15)

● Young Adult Carer of the Year (16-25)

● School of the Year Award

Please ensure you get consent from the person you are nominating as the details will be used to contact them.

The  inaugural ceremony for the council’s Carers Awards will be held in July as part of the new Carers Strategy 2024-29, coproduced with unpaid carers, Carers Hub, and the Carers Collaborative Network.

It envisions families and carers in Lambeth feeling acknowledged, valued, and empowered in supporting and caring for their loved ones, and sets out plans to acknowledge and support over 18,000 unpaid carers in the borough over the next 5 years.

Since 2017, the London Borough of Lambeth and South East London Integrated Commissioning System (formerly Clinical Commissioning Group) have had a joint carers strategy.  The landscape affecting carers has changed significantly over the past 7 years, so building on the success of the 2017 framework, a new  Strategy has been developed for the next five years.

This piece of work recognises the challenges faced by carers and their cared-for, and identifies seven priorities to realise our shared vision for supporting carers in Lambeth:

1. Mental, physical, and emotional well-being of carers

2. Integrated carers pathway and support offer

3. Equipped workforce

4. Visibility, recognition, identification, and awareness of carers

5. Empowering carers

6. Carer equity

7. Helping prevent carers from financial hardship

How we will carry out these priorities will be outlined in the strategy’s action plan. It requires collaboration between Lambeth Council, the South East London Integrated Commissioning System, and local community organisations including Carers Hub.

The commitments of the strategy include:

● Providing concessionary discounts on leisure services at Active Lambeth sites for Carers Card holders

● Increasing the amount of discounts at local Lambeth businesses through the Lambeth Carers Card scheme

● Continuing to provide a carers assessment for anyone carrying out a caring role

● Developing opportunities to recognise and reward carers for their contribution.

● Promoting carers’ needs and rights across systems and departments

You can read the full strategy here: The Lambeth Carers Strategy | Lambeth Council

To stay updated on the strategy’s progress and opportunities for involvement with the Carers Collaborative Strategy Group, Carers Collaborative Network, or other carer-related activities, contact Carers’ Hub Lambeth at connect@carershub.org.uk or 020 7501 8970.

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