SHARP call-out for Jewels of the Cold exhibition 

The SHARP Gallery is a unique and innovative project, turning a drab meeting room into a popular gallery space at the SHARP building. Since being established in 2011 it has exhibited the work of over 120 artists, many of whom use mental health services. The gallery has transformed the physical environment and the experiences for staff and service users, as well as giving a platform for emerging artists to exhibit.

I have organised  trips to the libraries of big institutions, which have led to projects such as an event SHARP gallery ran at the Welcome Collection reading room and a lesson on research methods for artists at South Bank University from the University librarian. We have had our own non fiction art book club, which is gaining momentum.

We produce solo exhibitions and groups shows and as a curator, I really enjoy developing concepts for our open calls. Varied themes appeal to different artists and can sometimes awaken some inspiration in people when they haven’t created in a long time.

I’ve often talked about art being a vehicle for change but I also feel it can ignite what is already there. Light a fire in the dark and bring vitality to bleakness.

This winter we are opening up the gallery for anyone who feel art helps with their mental health, to submit an artwork under the theme ‘Jewels of the Cold’.

You can submit any work you feel fits the theme, however loosely.  Here are some ideas, if you are looking to create something new and want some inspiration:

What brightens the dark?  

The wicked glass of the snow queen.  

The promise of wealth.  Shattered dreams.

Shiny gifts, metaphorical and literal

Aladdin’s cave 


What stands out from monotony?

Scenes of snow and ice

Your work needs to be delivered to the gallery by November 29. Maximum 3 works, maximum collective size: 1.5m sq.

We thank Brixton House and Mosaic Clubhouse for their collaborative ‘Hang Party’ which welcomed diverse artworks into the new and exciting theatre in Brixton.

Anna-Maria Amato,  Curator, SHARP Gallery 

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