Carers called on to shape strategy refresh

Carers in the borough are being called on to feed into Lambeth Carers Strategy, which is being refreshed after it was launched in 2017.

A survey and two events in November will help map out how carers lives have changed, particularly during the Covid pandemic and what is needed to bring quality to their lives and those they care for.

 “Over 20,000 people are living in Lambeth and caring for a friend, neighbour or family member who needs their support,” says Polly Howes, Carers Strategy Development Manager at Carers Hub Lambeth. “Unpaid carers make a huge difference to the lives of the people they look after. It is vital that their contribution to our community is recognised and their own needs fully supported.”

The consultation – online survey, open until November 6 and a live event at Lambeth Town Hall, November 2 and virtual Teams November 4, (details below) “offers an important opportunity to hear from carers about what matters most to them and to understand the changes they want made in our borough,” adds Polly.

“We need your help! If you are a carer please take part and let us know your views.

If you know any carers in Lambeth, maybe through your personal or work life, please do let them know about the current consultation.” 

The event on November 2 will be attended by Cllr Jim Dickson, Lambeth Cabinet Minister for Healthier Communities, who emphasises: “Carers are the absolute mainstay of our arrangements to make sure people who require support in our borough are well looked after. It’s vital that the council and our partners do everything we can to make life better for carers as they perform their vital role. That’s why we need to update our strategy; so no opportunity is missed to provide help and support where we can.”

Details of the two events below;  for survey and more information here:

Karen Hooper

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