Dorrel sings for Wellbeing and Jamaican Independence Day – August 6

Loughborough Farm volunteer and Mosaic Clubhouse stalwart Dorrel Bennett Creary was recently filmed at the Farm singing a traditional Jamaican song for the Garden Museum’s online Sowing Roots exhibition, launched in time for Jamaican Independence Day on August 6.

In the short film made by Federico Rivas, Dorrel heralds how gardening has helped her wellbeing.

Dorrel, along with other Farm volunteers were interviewed for the museum’s oral history project, the first of its kind, which takes a journey into the history of the gardening cultures and traditions that Caribbean people carried with them when they moved to the UK after World War II: from breadfruit, provision grounds, and botanical gardens, to chocho, ackee and the green spaces of South London. The exhibition was staged at the museum over 2020 – 2021.

Pic: Federico Rivas

Visit the online exhibition page here.

And read more of Dorrel’s story here.

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