Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance Progress Report 2021

In its second Progress Report 2021, Bill Tidnam, Chair of the Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance (the Alliance) Communications and Engagement Group praises the response of the Lambeth community “who have worked tirelessly to make sure that people are safe and supported”.

The Alliance he adds has continued to move forward with its job of transformation, “and we need to learn the many lessons from the past 15 months to help us towards our ambition of mental health services that are accessible and which meet the needs of all Lambeth’s residents to stay well and recover, to make their own choices, and fully participate in society”.

The report highlights the ongoing aims to deliver the Big 3 Outcomes (helping people recover and stay well, make their own choices, and participate in daily life on an equal footing) and focuses on the Alliance’s six priorities, presenting the year’s challenges and illustrated with case studies from the frontline.

Sabrina Phillips, Alliance Interim Director sums up thus: “ We will continue to work towards reducing the inequality gap in mental health care in Lambeth and as an Alliance we look forward to working with you to continue to transform the services we provide in Lambeth.I’d like to thank staff, service users and carers, and the Lambeth Community for their support to continue this important journey.”

The report is illustrated with some of the photographs captured by Mosaic Clubhouse members Carol and Arthur.

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Read more about the work of the Alliance and Lambeth Together here:

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