Living Well Network Hub

The Living Well Network Hub sits at the ‘centre’ of the network and we want people to be able to access it when needed. The Hub has the following organisations working in it:

  • South London and Maudsley Foundation NHS Trust
  • Certitude,
  • Look Ahead,
  • Thames Reach
  • Clapham Family Practice.
  • Lambeth Council

They all provide staff to work together to offer their skills to co-ordinate different aspects of the Network. The Hub does lots of work in your local community.

The Living Well Network Hub is often called the ‘front door to mental health services’ this is because if you are having a ‘wobbly’ day or you aren’t feeling well and are worried about your mental health and wellbeing you can contact the Hub and introduce yourself. The staff will talk to you over the phone and ask you what is troubling you, what skills and strategies you employ that normally keep you well and what you think you need to get back to having a ‘good life’. This is usually done in person or over the phone.

Once you have spoken to a member of staff you can both make a plan of what to do next. This may be working with someone in the Hub for some additional support, or it may be referring you onto one of the services in the network, it may be medication or psychological treatment or it may be recommending a group or activity or a book that has techniques to help you. It may be offering advice or practical support to you about something do to with your housing or recommending you go to a specialist benefits advisor. We will work with you and the people you already have in your network to support you.

Anyone can introduce themselves or someone they are worried about, however, it is useful to understand that if you are worried about someone else we will need you to tell that person you are speaking to us in the Hub. We work in ‘primary’ care, which means we try and work closely with your GP and your GP will become a part of your network, especially if you need medication.

Because we have lots of organisations in the network we do talk about people to make sure that everyone is getting the best service, this means we ‘share’ information which can help you. If you don’t want us to share things with other people you can tell us and we will respect that, however, we do need some information to make referrals to other organisations if needed. We would also like to keep your GP informed of what is happening.

If you would like to introduce yourself you can ring or email, we may ask you lots of questions, if you click here you can see the questions and fill the form in prior to talking to someone.

The Living well Network Hub works with most people if they live in Lambeth or have a Lambeth GP and are over 18 and under 65. We only work with people for up to 12 weeks, but if we think you need support for longer another service may be suitable. If you already have a care coordinator or are working with South London and Maudsley NHS trust talk to your worker as it may be that you can be discharged from that service and get support from the Living Well Network Hub.

The LWN Hub provides lots of different types of support and this means we want to know what helps people, so we ask people who use the Hub to tell us about their experiences and interview them, this is because it is a new approach to providing support and also to ensure that people are happy with the service.

If you would like to talk to someone about your experience of the Hub please contact us via email on or phone 0203 691 5080.

If you would like to hear some of the stories regarding people who have used the Hub please go the recovery stories section of the website.