Post-Pandemic SHARP Gallery 

As SHARP gallery prepares for the exciting move to Blue Star House I am reviving an old project with an injection of the post-pandemic world. In 2018 SHARP gallery put miniature doors and windows in the community, leading to an online exhibition through QR codes. At the time QR codes were not frequently used, leading me to bring the project back in a more exciting way as the general public can engage with it with simplicity.

The exhibition follows a modern folk story about a series of animals, who take the audience on a journey of consideration of the creatures which appear in our stories and share our world.

I am looking for some additional spaces to display QR codes, creating a trail around places in Brixton which are good for wellbeing and connect people and communities. Additionally the wellbeing map,

started this year, welcomes new projects, events and spaces.

Part of my role at SHARP gallery involves networks with other services, and I thoroughly enjoyed attending SEL Mind/South East London Mind event on the 3rd July.

There was an overview of what had been done locally by SEL Mind/South East London Mind.

Then there was creativity in the form of poetry and there was a demonstration and talks on how creativity is good for your mental health through the power of singing. The most powerful declarations on the power of creativity came from people’s lived experience. Genuine and encouraging for those who work in arts and health.

Anna-Maria Amato 

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