Designing No. 65 Effra Road

Feedback from 19th June challenge session

The group looked at designing no. 65 Effra Road and came up with some challenges and ideas to over come those challenges. If you would like to feedback what you would like at no. 65 Effra Road please contact:


  • Re-branding the new service will be a challenge
  • The refurbishment of the building needs to be completed by the end of the year
  • Need to accurately define and distinguish between information, advice and support
  • The hub needs to be specific about what it can and cannot do
  • Keeping resources up to date will be a challenge so as to be able to deliver accurate information
  • If client is distressed and needs to be supported; how will this be provided if service is only commissioned to provide information and/or advice
  • Effectively marketing the service will be a challenge
  • Ensure all service users have a say in the design and delivery of the hub


Ideas to overcome challenges

  • Publicise opening of service and provide updates in Lambeth Live or the South London Press
  • Information hub is open longer than the rest of the service to provide greater access
  • Review traditional opening hours of 9-5 :00 pm to better fit in with needs and aspirations of users
  • Pictorial representation of the service will make it clearer to everyone what the service will and will not provide
  • Need to clarify how many users will be hub advisors
  • Nice and comfortable welcoming environment will improve service delivery
  • Provide a number to those visiting the hub so that they can ring back to get further advice if have issues in gaining initial information/advice
  • Provide training to people visiting the hub to know how to get information


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